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    August 11, 2009


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    I have to recommend the 'oklahoma' redbud. I now live in Kansas but I planted this in memory. The leaves are glossy and hope up in August heat. As, as you might expect from a Sooner, the bloom is more brilliant. Looks great with the species. As the grip of August loosens its deathhold, I am going to replace my knot garden that has languished under too much shade and reconfigure into a triangle shaped white garden and replace a gravel area with flagstone. I just have to get past this high temp, high humidity MESS! Good luck with the urn yearn.

    Those planters are fantastic! The colors are just beautiful and they'll look like they've been in your garden forever. I love things that look like they've belonged to a place for a long time!

    Wow! Thanks for the blame...don't worry I can take it. Also thanks for the sweet words about me as a designer...and just because...I love the your term for squirrels--'rats in better outfits' That's thanks 3x at least!

    I am so ridiculously jealous of your Stewartia!! I hear they do well here but haven't seen them for sale at the nurseries in a respectable size. I never have clients that would be OK with starting from a 6" twig!!

    Yours is lovely.

    those planters are a perfect addition and i like the idea of buying better less throwing things away like you said. not very plant knowledgeable, but i have always loved alliums and i do know they are part of the onion family. oh, and a happy belated to your drew! did i know that we both had sons named drew??!!

    I love the urn yearn! New coined phrase thanks to Home before dark!

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