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    August 21, 2009


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    Either 1 or 3. #2 Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' looks great in spring and then it's foliage only. Grey bark in winter. BUT the Crape Myrtle has incredible exfoliating bark in winter, great fall color and summer bloom...BUT WAIT the Sourwood tree is the most amazing for fall color and the funky fringy blooms are really cool + it's the least used of the the three. HMMMMM. My choice is #3!

    Really nice clear drawing btw.

    Ahh Susan, spoken like a true designer! Your comments make me smile!

    Once you said the color of the house, I'd pick the Crape in that great coral color. Plus, as long as your client is taught about "Crape Murder," the bark and branches will provide nice winter interest.

    I think I agree with Susan...Crape Myrtles are so common, and I always like to go with something unusual. Now if it only came in a fabulous coral color! Don't know if you have problems with powdery mildew on Crapes in moist weather, that would be a factor. And as gorgeous as they are in spring, Forest Pansy is a bit of a dull girl in late summer. Good luck!!

    Looks like its a toss up b/t the Crape and the Sourwood.... sounds like a Steinbeck Title don't ya think?

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