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    September 14, 2009


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    Love the picture of all the flowering kale, what a great shot. I am concentrating on all the "small" bulbs, as squirrels are very fat and happy on tulips that I have planted in the past.
    This year I have ordered 150 scilla, 100 chionodoxa and 50 winter aconites. I would love to order way more, but we don't seem to have the cheap bulb companies like you do in the States.
    If I plant in these quanities every year, the "varmits" stay away, and they seed, it may look lovely one day.

    Thank you from a girl with a black thumb!! Love those cabbages (?) in the top picture!!

    the cabbages in the urns you see all over in your area this time of year, have always intrigued me. i did it....i finally accepted my meme award today. thanks so much for your kind kind words! have a great day.

    This is a great article for beginners like me! Thanks!

    Although I only have potted plants on my balcony this was hugely informative!!!!

    Cabbage plants in a pot instead of the usual mums.... hummmmm. You got me branching out.

    Aw! It’s breathtakingly beautiful.

    This blog is full of beautiful flowers I love the images you posted. It never fails to amaze me with the gorgeous flowers

    This is full of heavenly and wonderful flowers.

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. This list is very important, especially helped me examples for everything. I hope my garden look like the first image after the winter

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