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    June 09, 2009


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    Those are some great finds. It's funny - I love to look for stuff for the interior of the house at yard sales - it never occured to me that it could be a great way to find stuff for the yard!
    I'm also praying for sunshine!

    Black wicker sounds very chic!
    Wishing for sun!

    Fabulous post!! Right up my alley!!! Love all your finds and especially the gate on either side of your walkway. Your garden has so much personality!!

    It was so much fun yardsaling with you. Haggling with the people was fun also and they were all so nice. It is amazing what you can do with rust. Can't wait for our next adventure!
    Loved your blog!!

    you obviously do not fall into the typical category of the cobbler who has no shoes...or in your case, the gardener who has no garden...yours looks like such a great place. another sucker for aqua here.

    Chloe, I just had to comment on the toile. I don't know if you get comments when they are this far back, but my porch has black wicker furniture and black and white toile. I don't have the red, but I have black ticking stripe and a black and white plaid with it.

    One of the best ways I organize my garden is by having some good storage. I like to use some storage sheds, but deck boxes usually work just great for most people (I have a shed but I started with some deck boxes that matched my porch just perfectly). I do like these suggestions, though: they look great and its an easy and cheap way to make the home look more expensive than it is!

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